The process

Before your session

Once you have booked your session I will book in a time for us to chat about what to expect in the session.

2 weeks before

After chatting either by phone or via email I’ll send a questionnaire that once filled in tells me about your family. At the same time, we will discuss timing and details of our shoot.

2 days before

I’ll send you a quick email just to make sure we are on track and answer any questions you might have.


If your having a portrait session on arrival we will find the nice light and do a few formal portraits. Once that’s over it will just be us hanging in this space and letting the kids be themselves. Here you will spend the time interacting with your kids and just being a family and I will document around you. I might give you a little direction but for the most part I will just be documenting you all together. It’s important that you just be with your kids and not instruct them to look at the camera or smile as this really change the vibe. In my experience the moment you ask them to do something they want to do the opposite.


If you are having a documentary session it’s important you tell the kids I’m just a friend coming to visit. When I get there I will meet the kids, they can show me around and we can all have a casual chat. Once I feel everyone is comfortable I will start shooting. I think having a few things planned is a great way to relax the kids, bath, baking a cake, reading a book, just a few things that you can do together that takes the focus of me shooting. It’s important you allow the kids to just be who they are as that’s when the best images will happen. Just be present with them, enjoy their company and I will do the rest.

during the session

I will email an online gallery for you to share with family or friends.

You now have the fun task of choosing the products you would like to purchase within the two week period from the online gallery.

3 weeks after

5 weeks after

I will begin to put the products you ordered together. Including designing any albums or photo books.

5 - 8 weeks after

Your orders for either prints, photo books or albums will be ready for pickup.