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Photos taken by the amazing Kremers and Jenna Mason


I’m a parent I get it.

My name is Melissa but no one really calls me that. It’s Missy, Smudge or Millsy. Take your pick.

I’m Australian with Italian parents. I’m passionate as hell about life. It’s genetic. I love hard. I feel loads. I’m crazy curious. So curious in fact, I tattooed the word on my arm to never forget what drives me in life.

I’m a mother to my two beautiful children. I was never really one of those people who really wanted kids, but now I couldn’t imagine life any other way. Being a parent is equal parts hilarious, frustrating and amazing. Being a mother has taught me so much. It’s my best role yet.

And being able to document it all is a continuous privilege.

I photograph my children – in a documentary style – on a regular basis. I do it because it brings me so much joy to watch them learn and grow, and because I want them to be able to look back on their childhood in great depth. I only wish I could look back on my childhood in the same way.

So now I want share this with other families. I want you to get the same joy out of photos that I get.


My why

In April 2015 our little family moved from Perth in Western Australia to Waipukurau in New Zealand, so our children could get to know their Kiwi family. I really wanted to capture our journey and so my 365 project was born.

Named ‘The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow’ after my children Sonny and Ivy, this project opened my eyes to a whole new way of taking pictures. I soon realised that honesty and rawness is what I love to document.

I like to strip it back. Your family photo doesn’t need to be pinterest worthy, it just needs to be a true reflection of your family. I want you to see your family for all the amazing things it is.